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The 2nd Annual CPLM Summit 2019

Fencing off the increased competition from biosimilars and generics, combination products and value-added features are now seen as a differentiated route to pharma/drug developers as a lifecycle maximization strategy.

Over the last 2 years, more emphasis is placed on understanding market trends and establishing a robust framework of lifecycle management (LCM) amongst industry leaders, especially from a design control and risk mitigation perspective.

At the same time, the surge of digital platforms and connected technology presents lucrative opportunities to combo products developers – not only from a commercial perspective but also patient adherence, which will subsequently aids competitive advantage.

So what’s the best approach to managing your LCM? How do you tailor your program and ensure it’s fit-for-purpose and cost-efficient?

This 3-day summit will focus on LCM of combination devices, equipping the community with a holistic view of the following areas through operational case studies:

  • LCM strategies tailored for combination products
  • Quality risk management for ageing combo products
  • Design control and testing techniques during combination product upgrade