June 19-21
Boston, USA


With 7 years’ of experience in the PFS & Injectables space, we’ve leveraged our connections and insights to create the unique platform, and launched the Combination Products Lifecycle Management Summit.

This meeting is designed for the commercial, quality and regulatory leaders in this space who must innovate and continue to improve product features to drive commercial competitiveness, while maintaining a quality drug-device for patient safety and adherence.

This 3-day meeting aims at addressing:

  1. Who owns combination products lifecycle management in the organization?
  2. What to expect from the evolving regulatory environment?
  3. How to handle legacy products and define quality risk management framework?
  4. Accelerating speed-to-market and enhancing differentiating factor of your products
  5. Evaluating connected platform’s opportunities to extend product life in market

Download the full event guide to find out who you can learn from in Boston this June.

“Although you have been in this industry for decades, you will still learn a lot from this conference!” 

Shire, Hanson Wade Event Past Attendee

"I found this conference enjoyable and learned a lot. Several of the speakers shared their own experiences and lessons learned, which I will be able to directly apply in my job"

Pfizer, Hanson Wade Event Past Attendee

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